Black matt (opaque, frosted): EB-314 15314

Black matt (opaque, frosted): EB-314 15314

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Made by Koueido Material Non-scale

Black matt (opaque) embossing board
Black mat (opaque)
Part Number: EB-314
Quantity: 1 sheet
Dimensions: 210 x 297 x 0.3 mm
Note: A4 size. Matte finish.

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Information Edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This A4 size embossing board can be used for various model scenes.
Each sheet is individually bagged so it is scratch resistant and easy to carry around.
For gluing, please use embossing adhesive or double-sided tape.
Thickness 0.3 mm, colour black matt (opaque).
The matt is a matte finish.

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