"Model" Nameplate w/Handle (Small) : Up Far Field Unpainted Kit 1:12 Scale 04030

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Up Far Field unpainted kit 1:12

Etching kit
Overall kit size: W16.5xH27.5mm
Material: Brass

How to remove from the transparent sheet
1) Gently peel off the protective film with the manufacturer's logo on the front side.
2) Prepare a small dish that can hold the entire part, and soak it in paint thinner or nail polish remover for a few minutes.
3) Once the glue on the transparent sheet has melted, remove the parts. Be careful not to bend or scatter the parts.
4) Soak the removed parts again in fresh thinner for a few minutes to clean off any remaining glue.

The example is assembled and painted by the artist and combined with other miniatures.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Name plate to be attached to drawers, etc.
is a useful item to have, but a bit difficult to make.
The sharp texture of the metal adds a lot of detail to the work.

is characterized by the delicate workmanship unique to the etching technique, the genuine metallic luster of the material, and its sharp beauty.
Additionally, we've eliminated the need for cut-offs by using transparent sheets! No joints (runners) are required, so you get easy, clean parts.
Please visit to display it by itself or use it to add details to your miniatures.

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