Diorama clay Diobase (Corkee), small grain, dark brown, 100g: Artec Material 24304

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Artec Material Non-scale (recommended for 1:35 to 1:12 scale)

Small grain type
Color: dark brown
Weight: approx. 100g
Size: approx. 85 x 20 x 125 mm
Main ingredients: Resin-based hollow body, stone powder, etc.
Remarks:Anti-virus processing (containing anti-virus ingredients)

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Corkee Product Introduction" (Video Production: Artec)

Example of Corkee using: 'Making a diorama of a canyon with an upper road truss railway bridge' (video production: SHIGEMON).

Corkee, a diorama clay that allows you to model the ground as you wish. It can easily be used to create a full-scale diorama!
* A lightweight, stiff clay that is easy to mould and hardens by natural drying.
* This clay is easy to handle and does not stick to the hands.
* The texture is grainy, it is not lost after kneading.
* Tire tracks, footprints, etc. can be realistically expressed by simply pressing figures, etc. against it.
* This clay sticks well together and can be added to after drying.
* Natural drying of the artwork is recommended. Drying time is approximately 1 week.NOTE: Drying time varies slightly depending on temperature and environment. The surface will dry in a few hours to the point where the next work can be done.
* Shrinks slightly when dry.
It is recommended to add clay to reinforce the shrinkage after drying.

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