Landscape of dead trees, spring, around 19cm, with base, 1 piece : Accessories for Landscapes, painted and ready to hang, 1:35-48 OWB80001

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Pre-painted by Mackey & Kazoo, 1/35 - 1/48 size

Brand name: Accessories for Landscape
Product name: Real trees
Series: Special

The set includes one tree, approximately 19cm in height, with the image of a standing dead tree, with the leaves removed and the fine branches visible. It comes with a shaped base, approximately 8cm in length.
We want to raise the standard of ground and plant representation in Japanese dioramas! We want to provide materials for making dioramas that can be used worldwide!
This is a new brand launched with such passion.
Products created with carefully selected materials and techniques, making the most of natural ingredients.
Due to the natural materials and the handcrafted nature of the products, the colours and shapes may differ from those shown in the photographs, but they are unique pieces of art.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A strong ally for your diorama creation! This is a complete set of realistic trees from Accessories for Landscape, a brand of diorama products from the up-and-coming manufacturer Mackey & Kazoo.
Combining different natural materials for the trunk and branches, the foliage material expresses the seasons and scenes. The product with base is carefully crafted down to the ground.
The moss has been painted to emphasise the expression of the moss and the three-dimensional effect, so that even the smallest model has the appearance of a real tree.

A mere symbol, a makeshift tree model is not enough. But it takes a lot of time and effort to create trees that blend into the scene and enhance it. Realtree is the answer to these problems.
If you put the effort you put into trees into other forms of expression, you would be able to enjoy a higher level of diorama making... This is why we created the Realtree.

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