Keiben Sanka 10: 2019 Keiben Model Railway Festival Commemorative Lecture Record: Nankei Publishing Bureau (Book)

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Published on 20 September 2020
A4 size, 64 pages in all colours (including front cover), saddle-stitched
Published by: Nankei Publishing Bureau

Contents of this magazine
This is a collection from the pre-event "Light Railroad Praise Song X" of the "15th Light Railroad Model Festival" held at Watashou Kaikan in Chuo-ku, Tokyo on September 28, 2019, along with photos and materials presented on the day.
In addition, this time, as a commemorative project for the 10th issue of "Light Railroad Praise", we also introduced etching boards and posters produced by the Light Railroad Model Festival Office.

Light Railways and I - Visiting Light Railways and the Light Railway Postcard Collection - Toshihiko Miyake
Joushin Railway to Echo Model - Toshiyuki Abe
Light Railways Model Railway Festival Commemorative Etching Plate Catalogue
Light Railways Model Railway Festival Poster Collection

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Ideal for documentation and collection!
This is a collection of special lectures from the Light Railway Model Festival held every autumn.
This is a recording from the pre-event "Light Railroad Praise" of the "15th Light Railroad Model Festival", held on 28 September 2019 at Watashou Kaikan in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, together with photos and documents presented on the day.

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