Keiben sanka IX (Keiben Sanka 9): Nankei Publishing Bureau (Book)

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Published on 29 September 2019
A4 size, 40 pages (including front cover), saddle-fold binding
Published by: Nankei Publishing House

Contents of the journal
This is a collection from the pre-event "Light Railroad Praise Song IX" of the "14th Light Railroad Model Festival" held at Watashou Kaikan in Chuo-ku, Tokyo on September 29, 2018, along with the photos and materials presented on the day.

Switchback station by the Kitakami River, Yoneya Station, Senboku Railway
Hideaki Wada The liveliness of light freight on the Senboku Railway - from visits in 1964 and 1966
Katsumi Kazama Japan's last steam locomotive track construction in Chonai Village, Hokkaido
Visit: Ichiro Inoue Commentary: Yuta Sugoki
Forest Railway Layout Made from 100 Yen Materials Hiroshi Hatanaka

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Ideal for documentation and collection!
This is a collection of special lectures from the Light Railway Model Festival held every autumn.
This is a recording from the pre-event "Light Railroad Praise" of the "14th Light Railroad Model Festival" held on September 29, 2018 at Watashou Kaikan in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, together with photos and documents presented on the day.

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