Prizer General Catalogue PK27: Prizer (English and German) 93059

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Books by Preiser

Preiser General Catalogue PK27

Part number: PK27
Publication date: 2018
Size: A4 size
Number of pages: 352 pages in total (all colour pages)
Publisher: Preiser, Germany

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Great for reference books! This is the genuine comprehensive catalogue of the German manufacturer of figures (miniature dolls), Preiser, published in 2018.
The text is written in both German and English.
Please note that the majority of the pages are photographs of the products and the only text is the product names, which are not written in Japanese.
With a collection of around 2,500 items, including the world's largest range of 1/87 dolls, the collection includes not only figures but also animals, vehicles and props.
With a wide range of scales from 1/87 to 1/22.5 to 1/500, you're sure to find just what you're looking for.
As an official Prizer distributor, we would like to stock all types of products, but there are some products that we have not yet covered.
If there is a product in this catalogue that you would like to buy but cannot find it in Sakatsu, please let us know.
We will order it for you.

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