Wooden box 4 boxes: Preiser unpainted kit HO (1:87) 18350

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Preiser unpainted kit 1/87(HO) human height is about 2cm size

4 wooden crates
4 wooden crates
(Wooden transport boxes, wooden containers)
Contents: 4 wooden crates with separate lid
. Dimensions (W x D x H, in mm): 14x9x6, 16x10x10, 20x11x6, 22x9x6
Material: Plastic

Note: The scale of this model is 1/87. This model is designed for a world where a 170cm person would be about 2cm tall in 1/87 scale.
Note:The colour tone of the images may differ from the actual product due to the model and settings of your monitor.
Note:The pictures are not of the actual product but of the manufacturer's announcement.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This plastic model is designed to look like a large shipping crate.
Recommended as an item for cargo storage or for images of weapons and ammunition. There are 4 boxes in total, all different sizes (separate parts for the lid).

Note:The image is an example of a finished product provided by the manufacturer. The actual product is shown in the second image.

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