Desktop Calendar MINIATURE LIFE CALENDAR 2022.4-2023.3 : Miniature Life 4900459551671

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Desktop type month-round calendar, starting April 2022
You can enjoy 12 of Tatsuya Tanaka's wonderful works of art each month!

Product name: Desktop MINIATURE LIFE CALENDAR 2022.4-2023.3 (Miniature Life Calendar)
Author: Tatsuya Tanaka
Publication: Hagoromo
Release date: February 26, 2022
Size: B6 horizontal size (182 x 128mm, depth about 75mm when standed)
(c)Tatsuya Tanaka
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The "MINIATURE CALENDAR" is a work of art in which everyday objects are made to look like something else. This is the first time to introduce a desktop type calendar, which has been requested by many people. 12 works of art carefully selected by Tatsuya Tanaka for each season will decorate your desk.

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