Weathering Pastel Set 1 : Creos Powdered Pastels Non-Scale PP101

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Powdered pastel paints from GSI Creos Corporation
The photograph is an image. Please note that the actual colour and texture may vary.

Instructions for use and precautions:
Do not work near fire as airborne powder may ignite. Place the pastel powder on a flat brush. Ideal for expressing sand and dust.
Dissolve the pastel powder in a water-based hobby colour reducer and apply it with a flat brush. Ideal for painting mud.
The powder can be easily removed by any of these methods, so please avoid touching the painted surface.

Applications: Plastic models, various models, arts and crafts, etc.
Net quantity: 15g x3

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This set of pastels is ideal for the expression of dirt, dust and mud.
These pastels come in powder form, so you can use as many as you need without the need for filing. These pastels can be applied with a brush or dissolved in a water-based hobby colour reducer to create a natural "dirty" look.

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