6.5mm Narrow Mining Locomotive B360 Yellow HO6.5mm Narrow: Bush Battery Locomotive Baterco 5010

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BUSCH B360 battery locomotive HO (1/87) size represents a man of 170cm height by about 2cm
HO narrow gauge (6.5mm)

This is a model of a special mine railway, a small locomotive (with motor) running on rails only 6.5mm wide.�@The locomotive is a small locomotive (with a motor) running on rails only 6.5mm wide. In the original model, the locomotive was powered by a battery motor due to the fact that it was used in areas where sparks were strictly forbidden, such as in the mines.

The power cars are very small and light, so in order to increase the efficiency of the power collection, the cars are equipped with permanent magnets, which are used to increase the adhesion between the wheels and the rails by attracting the steel plate under the rails. The steel plate is only included in the starter set and is not included in this product. It is also possible to run the car without the plate, but the performance will be less than expected.

To run the locomotive you will need the optional starter set, power supply and rails.�@The second picture shows the left and right side of the locomotive, there is only one locomotive.

Despite being 1/87 in size, you can build your layout in very little space!

Country of manufacture: Germany
Material: The body and other parts are mainly made of plastic.
Length of the locomotive: approx. 34mm

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a model of a railway with small cars running on 6.5 mm gauge (Z gauge) rails, which in real life were used on dedicated lines in mines and coal mines.
The scale is HO (1/87), but the rails are narrow gauge (9mm gauge is generally used in Japan) and this set uses Merkurin Z gauge 6.5mm rails to reproduce a smaller scale railway.

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