Scene Accessory 130 Camp Set : TOMYTEC Painted Kit N (1:150) 311775

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N (1:150) made by TOMYTEC (TOMYTEC), about 1 cm in height of a person

Diocolle(Diorama Collection) Diorama Accessory 130
Camp Set

Contents: Tent, low table, fire pit, 2 firewood bundles, 2 stump chairs, miniatures, 3 humans
Approximate size: approx. 6 cm (W) x 3.5 cm (D) x 2 cm (H)
Material: PVC

Photographs are prototypes, provided by the manufacturer, and may differ from the product.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Pre-painted camping kit with tent, low table, fire pit, bundle of firewood, stump chair, and other accessories and people.

When used in conjunction with a BBQ set(sold separately), the outdoor scene can be recreated.

Click here for Tomytec's Scene Accessory Series

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