Scene Accessory 123 Seaside Scene Set B: Tomytec Pre-painted Kit N(1:150) 263081

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Pre-painted kit made by TOMYTEC (TOMYTEC) N (1/150) person height is about 1cm size

Jikei Collection Jikei Collection Series Jikei Accessory 123
Set includes] 3 types of breakwaters, 3 types of wave dissipating blocks (5 pieces each), lamp posts, sea surface
. Approximate size (cm)] W21 x D15 x H7
The sea surface (approx. 21x15cm) is a different size to the diorama material "Water Surface"
. Note: Fishing boat and figures sold separately

This product has been weathered to reproduce the atmosphere.
The photos are prototypes, provided by the manufacturer, and may differ from the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This model set allows you to create a seaside scene simply by arranging the included sea sheets, landmarks and tetrapods.
Add fishing boats and figures (sold separately) to create a vibrant diorama.

Fishing Port A2: Fishing Cooperative Office and Landing Site
Fishing Port B2 Food Processing Plant and Fish Market
Fishing Port C2 Shipyard
Fishing Vessel A Bottom Trawler
Fishing Boat B Single Line Fishing Boat
Fishing Vessel C Gillnet Fishing Vessel

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