Building Collection 141: Temple Set 2 : Tomytec Pre-Painted Kit N(1:150) 262077

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Pre-painted kit by TOMYTEC N (1/150 scale), human height is about 1cm size
Geocole Building Collection 141
Product Contents] 3 types of temples (A3, B3, C3), diorama base B2, figures (temple people), special accessories (Foliage)
Dimensions] W21 x D30 x H20 cm

This product has been weathered (stained) throughout to recreate the atmosphere.
The photo is provided by the manufacturer and is a prototype. It may differ from the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This diorama set makes it easy to build mini dioramas of Japanese temples!
Simply assemble the pre-painted parts and you are ready to go.
The set includes all three temples, figures and a special diorama base.

"Temple A3 Main Hall"

"Temple B3 Bell Tower, Tower Gate"
"Temple C3 Five-storied Pagoda"

"Temple Set 2"
"Diorama Base B2 Temple"
"People of the Temple"

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