Visual Scene Accessory 017-2 Food Stall A2 Oden: Tomytec Pre-Painted Kit N (1:150) 261629

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Pre-painted kit by TOMYTEC N (1/150 scale), human height is about 1cm size
Jikei Collection Jikei Collection Series Jikei Accessory 017-2
Stall A2
Set includes: Food stall, 4 figures, table, 3 long chairs, 3 chairs, dustbin, generator, wooden box etc., block wall, base, stickers
Approximate size (cm)] W5 x D4 x H2

This product has been weathered to recreate the atmosphere.
The photo is a prototype, provided by the manufacturer, and may differ from the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a model of an oden stall.
You can easily recreate a mini diorama of a road shoulder with a small stall.

Pedestrian Deck
large footbridge
Footbridge 2
Stall A2 Oden
Stall B2 Ramen
Yatai C2 Baked Potato
Guardrail B

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