Diorama Material 018 Diorama Plate E - Pedestrian Deck Only - : Tomytec Material N (1:150) 260790

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Made by TOMYTEC Material N(1/150) Human height is about 1cm size

Diorama material 015 Diorama plate E - for pedestrian deck
Product Contents] Plate x 2 (A4, grey on both sides), Road x 1 (A4, cut out)
. Specifications] Approx. W42 x D30 x H5 cm (when two plates are placed side by side)
This product is a simple base for pedestrian decks, sold separately. (A special paper road is also included.)
It is also suitable for use with the Vascole driving system to raise areas where there are no roads. The base is also suitable for use with the Baskolle running system to raise areas where there is no road (please cut off any unnecessary sections).
The roads are specially designed for ease of use, with two lanes integrated into one.
Bus stop lines are also reproduced.
(If used in conjunction with the BusColle running system, please cut as required)

Note:Vehicle and bus stop sold separately

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This diorama plate is suitable for use with the pedestrian deck, which is sold separately.
A special paper road is also included, making it ideal for use with the Bus Collection driving system.
Note: The surface is made of paper and the interior is made of styrene.

Station Modern Building A
Station Modern Building B
In front of the station accessory set (clock tower, exterior lights, advertising tower)
pedestrian deck
Large Footbridge
Guardrail B

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