Building Collection 140: Ranch Set B: Tomytec Pre-painted Kit N (1:150) 259510

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Pre-painted kit by TOMYTEC N(1/150), human height is about 1cm size
Geocole Building Collection Series 140 Farm Set B Complete Farm Set ? 5 Buildings and Accessories
Product Contents] 4 types of pasture (A2/B2/C2/D2), special base, pasture people, cows (B), plants and flowers (1/2/3)
. Approximate dimensions: W42 xD30 xH13 cm (base thickness: 2-3 cm)

Note: This product has been weathered to recreate the feel of the building.
Note:The photo is a prototype, provided by the manufacturer, and may differ from the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This diorama set allows you to create a farm scene.
The special base measures approx. 42X30cm and features gentle undulations and a small pond.
You can place figures of dairy farmers and cows on it!

A2 main house
B2 cow house
C2 silo, sheep pen and windmill
D2 gate, fence and hay

Cow A
People on the Farm

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