Visual Scene Accessory 114 - Level Crossing C: Tomytec Pre-painted Kit N (1:150) 258650

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Made by TOMYTEC N(1/150) human height is about 1cm size

Jikei Collection Jikei Collection Series Jikei Accessory 114 Railroad Crossing C
Product Description: Type 1 Level Crossing (2 Warning Signs, 2 Breakers, Slope, etc.)
�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@�@Type 4 Railway Crossing (2 warning signs, ramp, etc.)
Approximate dimensions] Class 1 W7xD13 xH4 cm
�@�@�@�@�@�@Approx. Type 4 W4 xD8xH2 cm

This product has been weathered (stained) to reproduce the atmosphere of the building.
The photo is a prototype, provided by the manufacturer, and may differ from the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a model of a railway crossing that can be used for single lane tracks and roads.
Note:Track sold separately
Note:Please use Tomix rails. Note:Please use Tomix rails (double track spacing 37mm)

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