Building Collection 107-2 Station Shop B2 - Bank ATM, Real Estate Agency: Tomytec Pre-painted Kit N (1:150) 256243

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Pre-painted kit by TOMYTEC N(1/150), human height is about 1cm size
JioColle Building Collection Series 107-2 Station Shops B2 - Bank ATM and Real Estate Agency
State Bank Metro Real Estate
This set of shops can be used to recreate a modern station.
The interior structure is partially recreated. The counter and ATM are also included.
The main entrance is open so that the interior can be easily seen. The shop structure has many windows and is very open.
Note: Base thickness is 5mm
Product Contents: Set of 2 buildings, special stickers
Approximate dimensions] (cm) Bank ATM: W5 x D7 x H7/ Estate agent: W5 x D7 x H6

Note:The photo is a prototype, provided by the manufacturer, and may differ from the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This set of two shops recreates the scene of a modern railway station.
Due to the extensive use of glass in the shops, some of the interior structures have been reproduced.
The front entrance is open, so you can place figures entering and exiting the shop to enjoy the sense of scale.

Ekimae Shoten A2 - Restaurant and Bank ATM -
Ekimae Shoten B2 - Bank ATM and Real Estate Agency
Ekimae Shoten C2 - Cleaning and Eating Out Shop
Motorcycles and Bicycles A1
Motorcycles and Bicycles A2

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