Diorama Material 015: Diorama Plate D - Grand: Tomytec Material N (1:150) 255116

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Made by TOMYTEC Material N(1/150) Human height is about 1cm size

Diorama material 015 Diorama plate D - Ground
Baseball Diamond and Soccer Field
Product Contents] Plate x 2 (A4 double-sided printing)
Specifications] Approx. W30�~D21�~H0.5 cm

The two plates are pre-printed with "Baseball and Football" and the reverse side with "Track and Field".
Use in combination with the school accessory set and The Man (sold separately).

Note: 2 sets are required to use all 4 sides.

Note:Figures and other items sold separately.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

On both sides of the two plates, a football ground, a baseball field and an athletics track (2 plates) are reproduced by printing on styrene board.
The set can be combined with the school accessories set and dolls (sold separately).

People Playing Football 1
People playing football 2
People Playing Baseball 1
People Playing Baseball 2
Junior High School Students
Junior High School 2

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