Building Collection 129: Amusement Facility: Tomytec Pre-Painted Kit N (1:150) 253198

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TOMYTEC pre-painted kit N(1/150) doll is about 1cm tall size

Geocole Building Collection Series 129 Gameland Arcade
Product Contents] Building, accessories (in-store parts), stickers
. Approximate size] Approx. W7 x D6 x H5 cm

This product has been weathered (sagged) to recreate the atmosphere of the building.
The photos are prototypes, provided by the manufacturer, and may differ from the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a playground with fancy decorations that only a hot spring resort can offer.
The earthen walls and wooden structure going around the back show the age of the building.
The internal structure is also partially reproduced.

This building is from the Onsen Town series.
This model can be used as a stand-alone model, but can also be combined with the "Diorama Base D" and other products from the Onsen Town series to create a miniature diorama of the Onsen Town. The dioramas can be made in a variety of ways.

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