1854 Fine Tracks Curve Rail C280-15(F) (Set of 4) : Tomytec Railroad Track N(1:150)

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TOMYTEC Railroad Track N (1/150) Human height is about 1cm size
TOMIX Fine Track
Curved Track C280-15(F) (set of 4)
Description: Curve radius 280mm / 15 degrees
Quantity: 4pcs

Note:This product comes in a circle of 24 bottles.
Note:The colour of the rail bed may vary due to the painting process. Please allow for this.
Note:The colour tone of the pictures may vary from the actual product due to the model and settings of your monitor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a curved rail with a curve radius of 280mm.
Contains 4 x 15�‹ angles.
Each piece is approximately 7cm long.
If you join 24 pieces in the same direction, they form a circle.

The ballast and wooden sleepers are beautifully painted.
The rails can be connected to each other by means of nails for a simple and reliable connection.

This is the FineTrack series of N gauge railway tracks from TOMIX, the model railway brand of TOMYTEC.

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