1732 Fine Tracks Wide PC Rail S280-WP(F) 2pcs Set : Tomytec Pre-Painted Kit N(1:150)

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Pre-painted kit by TOMYTEC, N (1/150) size

Product contents
Wide PC Rail S280-WP (F) Wide straight rail with 280mm length and 37mm width. �~Wide straight rail with a length of 280 mm and a width of 37 mm. Wide rail joint x 4 pcs.
FineTrack (FineTrack) series
The colour of the rail bed may vary due to the painting process. Please be aware of this.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Painted ballast and sleepers for a beautiful appearance
PC sleeper representation
The rails can be connected to each other with a simple and secure clamping system. Interchangeable with conventional TOMIX rails
. Hedges, handrails and sidewalls (sold separately) can be fitted to the sides of the rails
. Can be used for single track piers by attaching the optional single track pier base to the underside. Two or more rails can be connected in parallel to form a double track rail
. The wide rail and slab rail couplings can be mounted on the underside of the piers to support double-track elevated piers when used as double-track rail. A feeder for the wide rail and slab rail can be mounted on the underside to supply power. (Slab rail feeders can also be mounted, conventional feeders cannot be mounted)
Sensors for wide rails and slab rails can be installed with additional work by the user. (sensors for slab rail and one-touch mounting are not available) Can be mounted on various types of overhead wire poles.

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