23-453 Corner Store 2 (Right) : Kato Finished product N (1:150)

23-453 Corner Store 2 (Right) : Kato Finished product N (1:150)

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Pre-painted by KATO (Kato) N (1/150) size 170cm human height about 1cm

Dio Town series Dio Town
This is a corner shop built in the "Dashi-geta" style.

A two-storey building with a frontage of 5.5 ken (about 9.9 m).
Set includes: building, accessories, base and stickers
Base size is designed in accordance with standardised geotowns.
Base size: 81 x 81 mm
The photo is a prototype and may differ from the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Dashi-geta Zukuri
An architectural style unique to Japan, inherited from the machiya tradition of the Edo period.
This style is characterized by its dynamic appearance, with beams protruding from the roof and eaves rafters supported by exposed girders.
Because of its strength and structural qualities, it was adopted for private houses and merchant houses from the Meiji period onwards, and in many parts of the country it formed a unique townscape.

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