28-851 Red Fox : Kato Finished product HO (1:87)

28-851 Red Fox : Kato Finished product HO (1:87)

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Made by Kato (KATO) Pre-painted HO (1/87) scale with a human height of approximately 2cm in size

Figu Animal Series
Red fox

Part Number: 28-851
Number of pieces: 10 pieces
Length: around 1.5cm

Note:The picture is a prototype and provided by the manufacturer, it may differ from the actual product.
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Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

These are animal figures made by KATO, "Figu Animal" series.
The scale is HO (1/87), and the quantity is 10 pieces in total.
Figu Animal Series]
Panda Family
red fox

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