Kraft Cotton Swab (Triangular/Flat) 50pcs : Tamiya Paint Tool 87142

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Tamiya Painting Tools

Crft Cotton Swab
The Crft Cotton Swab is designed for use on military models, water lines and other fine moulded surfaces.
Number of sticks: 50
Note:Do not use for any purpose other than model making.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This cotton swab can be conveniently used to wipe off weathering paint and also to correct paint overflow.
Made from industrial grade cotton swabs which are stronger than ordinary cotton swabs.
High water absorbency, less swelling and crushing of the tip and less fraying of the fibres.
It also improves the efficiency of the wiping process.
The "triangular and flat" shape is ideal for wiping off delicate parts of MM models and ship models.

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