Mont-Saint-Michel "Island Parts" -France- : Baacha World Unpainted Kit 1:2400 VM-016B

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Unpainted kit by Baacha World, 1/2400 scale

<1/2400 World Heritage Series>
An accurate reproduction of mankind's greatest megastructures in 1/2400 scale.
Accurately sculpted to scale from a 3D printer!

Contents: Unpainted Mont-Saint-Michel Island parts
Size: approx. width: 110 mm, depth: 90 mm, height: 25 mm
Weight: 120g
Material: Epoxy resin

Actual data
Country of origin: France
Registration: 1979 World Cultural Heritage

Note:This product is an unpainted kit.
Note:The image shows the kit combined with the monastery parts (sold separately) and painted to completion.
Note:The base of the diorama is not included in the product.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This model is a 1/2400 scale reproduction of the island part of Mont-Saint-Michel, a small island on the Bay of Saint-Malo, on the west coast of France.
The image shows it combined with the separately available Monastery Parts and painted to completion.
The actual product is in the state shown in the second image.

Registered as a World Heritage Site in 1979, Mont Saint-Michel stands for the Hill of the Archangels.
In the monastery is erected a golden statue of Michael holding a sword and a scale.

Note:This product is only available as an unpainted "island part".

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