St. Vasily's Cathedral - Russia - : Baacha World Unpainted Kit 1:2400 VM-013

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Unpainted kit by Baacha World, 1/2400 size

<1/2400 World Heritage Series>
An accurate reproduction of mankind's greatest megastructures in 1/2400 scale.
Accurately sculpted to scale from a 3D printer!

Contents: Unpainted St. Vasily Cathedral
Size: approx. width: 37mm depth: 32mm height: 28mm
Material: Epoxy resin

Physical data
Country of origin: Russia
Year of construction: 1561

Note:This product is an unpainted kit.
Note:The photo shows an example of the construction using this product.
Note:Diorama base and ground are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a 1/2400 scale reproduction of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Vasily in Moscow, Russia, built by Ivan IV (the Thunderer) in the mid-16th century.
The official name is "Cathedral of the Protection of the Living Goddess of the Moat".
This is one of the buildings that make up the Kremlin and Red Square in Moscow. It is also depicted in the background image of the game "Tetris".
Note: This product needs to be painted by yourself. The product will remain in the material colour (milky white).
Note: Images 1 and 3 are examples and finished images by the manufacturer.

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