Sultanahmet Jamii -Turkey- : Baacha World Unpainted Kit 1:2400 VM-010

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Unpainted kit by Baacha World, 1/2400 size

<1/2400 World Heritage Series>
An accurate reproduction of mankind's greatest megastructures in 1/2400 scale.
Accurately sculpted to scale from a 3D printer!

Contents: Unpainted Sultanahmet Jamii
Size: approx. width: 23mm depth: 38mm height: 22mm
Material: Epoxy resin

Physical data
Country of origin: Turkey
Year of construction: 1616

Note:This product is an unpainted kit.
Note:The photo shows an example of the construction using this product.
Note:Diorama base and ground are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a 1/2400 scale reproduction of the Sultanahmet Jamii, a 17th century mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, which is a typical example of Ottoman architecture.
The official name is Sultan Ahmet Jamii.
During the prayer time, devout Muslims offer their prayers.
Note: This product needs to be painted by yourself. The product will remain in the material colour (milky white).
Note: Images 1 and 3 are examples and finished images by the manufacturer.

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