NC-53 Publica (Green): Tsugawa Yoko Pre-painted N (1:150)

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Pre-painted by Tsugawa Yoko N(1/150), human height is about 1cm size

Toyota Publica TOYOTA Publica
Colour: Green
Length: approx. 2.5cm

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a miniature model of Toyota's first popular car, the Publica, which was developed under the influence of the government's national car initiative in the 1950s.
It is small, about 2.5 cm long.
It is available in three colours: green, red and white.

Publica (green)
Publica (red)
Publica (white)
Toyopet Crown (metallic blue)
Toyopet Crown (Ivory)
Crown Taxi (White/Blue)

Crown Patrol Car

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