Deck Girder Bridge (Grey) : Casco Unpainted Kit N(1:150) YP-407

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CASCO Kit N (1/150) size

CASCO Paper Structure Kit Series

This is a kit of coloured paper, laser cut into the shape of the parts with a small portion left uncut.
This kit will make one 140mm long deck girder bridge.
It's a bit of a challenge, but with detailed assembly instructions included, it's a great way to get started.
Approximate assembly time 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes

The photos are examples provided by the manufacturer. Please note that colour tones and details may vary. Ground, trees and buildings are not included.

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

This kit is made of paper, so it is thin and sharp, and has a realistic finish.
The kit can be used as it is assembled, but it will last longer if painted with surfacer, lacquer or clear paint.

�ƒVarious Paper Structures
Shimoji Plate Girder Bridge (light blue)
Lower road plate girder bridge (grey)
Shimoji Warren Truss Bridge (red)
Shimoji Warren Truss Bridge (grey)
Deck girder bridge (dark green)
Deck girder bridge (red)
Deck girder bridge in grey

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