Sloping Net Fence (Green: 1 piece each of left and right slope) : CASCO Pre-painted Kit N(1:150) YP-308

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CASCO Kit N (1/150) size

CASCO Diorama Fence Series
High-definition silk printing applied to 105mm x 148mm x 0.3mm thick transparent vinyl chloride plate.
This PVC plate comes in a pack of two.
These PVC plates come in a pack of two (one each with the printed side opposite the left and right). The plates can be cut into sections and glued together with a wood or rubber bond as appropriate.

The photos are examples of work provided by the manufacturer. Please note that colour tones and details may vary. Ground, trees and buildings are not included.

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

The only weakness of this product is that it is transparent PVC, so depending on the angle, the reflection can spoil the texture. But it's cheap and has a fine expression.

�E½ƒVarious types of fences
Safety First
Net (Green)
Mesh (White)
Pipe (Silver)
Pipe (Brown)
Net (grey)
Inclined Net (Green)
Inclined net (grey)

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