Flexible staircase 45 degree type : Kobaru Unpainted Kit N(1:150) MA-08

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Kobaru unpainted kit, N (1/150) size

Set contents
Inclination angle: 45 degrees, 36mm width, 16 steps x 3 sets
When assembled in a straight line, each stair is: 1.5mm high, 1.5mm deep and the stairs have a 45 degree incline.

The photos are assembled, painted and incorporated into the diorama and are provided by the manufacturer. Buildings and dioramas are not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Parts for stairs that can also make corners.
When combined in a straight line, it forms a 45�‹ staircase. It's a simple board with jaws, but that's why you can change the width and the pitch of the corners. It's the perfect combination for all kinds of staircases!

�ƒFlexible staircase
45 degree type
30 degree type

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