Regional Private Railway Diorama "The Way Back from the Festival" : Kitarouku Finished product N(1:150) ktrk003

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Local Private Railway Diorama "The way back from the festival"
Pre-painted by Kitaroku, N(1/150) size
Contents: Coast, rocks, sandy beach, village, track along the shoulder, etc. in the style of local private railway
. Note:20m class vehicles cannot be displayed
Work size: approx. 345mm (W) x 133mm (D) x 134mm (H)
Mini Japan used: Hydrangea, Black Pine, Genpei Pine

This is a diorama work by Mr. Ryo Tanaka, the representative of Diorama Craft Kitaroku who produces the popular "Mini Japan" series of tree models.

This product has been weathered in order to reproduce the atmosphere.
The vehicle in the photo is not included in the product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a diorama work by Mr. Ryo Tanaka, the representative of Diorama Craft Kitaroku, the company behind the popular "Mini Japan" series of tree models.
The rainy season ended yesterday. It's been a long time since I've worn a yukata and I went to the village summer festival with my neighbours. We went to the beach in the late afternoon, eating candy apples from a stall.
A mother puts away her washing, which has not been dried for a long time, in the garden of a house on the beach.
It's time for everyone to go home, or Mother will be very angry with us!
The track can be decorated with N gauge cars, so it makes a wonderful display stand.

Black pine (2 medium trees)
Gendai pine (large black pine tree)
Ajisai 12 pieces

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