Mini Japan No.17 Keyaki (Japanese Zelkova) Bright Green 2-Pack : Kitarouku Finished product set N (1:150) MJN017

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Pre-painted N (1/150) doll made by Kitaroku, approx. 1cm in height

Japanese scenery material "Mini Japan"
Set includes... Height: approx. 8cm, maximum width: approx. 6cm with 2 lush zelkova trees
. Can also be removed from the included base and inserted into a diorama
The tips of the branches are delicate, so please handle them by their roots.
Each piece is produced by hand by miniature craftsmen in Japan.

Note:Due to the nature of the product, individual pieces may vary and a small amount of leaf and flower powder may fall off.
Note:The colour tone of the image may vary from the actual product due to your monitor model and settings.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Always have a beautiful Japanese landscape at hand
It complements a variety of diorama and layout scenes.

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Gembei pine
A hydrangea
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