Local Private Railways and Light Rail Vehicles and Building Limit : Classic Story Design Indicator HO(1:87) PAR-0003

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ClassicStory unpainted kit in HO (1/87) size

Transparent acrylic sheet with protective paper
One sheet each for local railcar limits, light railcar limits, local railway building limits and light railroad building limits
The protective paper can be removed cleanly by soaking it in water for a while and then removing it.

It is not intended to be a size limit or a rule, but a guide for modelers.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The vehicle and building limits set for a local railway have been faithfully scaled down and made into a plate (transparent acrylic sheet).
This plate is used as an indicator for the placement of buildings and accessories in the construction of vehicles and dioramas. The gauge of the rails is based on the most common gauge for model railways, with 1067mm being 12mm, 1435mm being 16.5mm and 762mm being 9mm.
It is not intended to limit or dictate the size of the model.

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