Hastily built drum stoves during WWII : Reality in Scale: Fredericks unpainted kit 1:35 35209

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1/35 scale size unpainted kit by Reality in Scale

Improvised Drum Stoves Drum Stoves
Set includes: 5 different drum stoves, 1 wire mesh for grilling
. Material: drum stove/resin (unpainted), wire mesh/copper

The image shows an assembled and painted example provided by the manufacturer. The actual product is the one in the third image.
Please note that the actual product may differ in colour from the picture due to the time of delivery and the colour tone of your monitor etc.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The stove can be made in 5 different ways, from a standard drum chimney stove, to a stove that is cut in half, filled with fuel and a net placed on top to cook food, to a 2/3 stove that is cut in half and a griddle placed on top to boil water. A metal mesh for the net is also included.

Please note that the colour of the picture may differ from the actual product due to the time of delivery and the colour tone of the monitor.

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