Mail Bag and Accessories Set : Reality in Scale Unpainted Kit 35202

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1/35 scale size by Reality in Scale

Set includes: mail bags (3 each for German and American troops, 6 in total), 1 parcel, 4 envelopes, 4 each of US and German explicit decals, printed matter such as letters and photos
. Material: Resin (unpainted)

The photo shows an example of the finished product with assembly and painting provided by the manufacturer. The background diorama is not included in the product.
Please note that the colour of the picture may differ from the actual product due to the time of delivery and the colour tone of the monitor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This accessory set will tickle the modeler's fancy with the company's unique research, prototyping and molding techniques.
The texture of the cloth, the naturalness of the contents, etc. are also outstanding!
A set of parcels and envelopes in a resin postal bag.
It also comes with printed letters, photos, posters and even explicit decals for the US and German armies for the mailbag.

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