Stone wall Soft material (stone small) 33 x 8.5cm : Chuuchi Pre-painted kit Non-scale 8260

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Pre-painted kit by Chooch Enterprises, Non-scale (1/43 to 1/160 recommended)

Made of a soft, rubber-like material, it bends easily and is easy to apply along curved surfaces. It is also easy to cut.
It is ready to use as it comes pre-coated with Yogosi paint.
(The size and arrangement of the stones varies from place to place. The colours and brightness of the stones vary from one product to another due to the reed coating.

Each piece is 33 x 8.5 cm and is approximately 2 mm thick.
The stonework pitch is approximately 3mm and the pattern is made up of relatively uniform sized stones.

The photo shows a completed example, built into a diorama.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a masonry stone wall that can be used as a stone wall, castle wall or earth retaining wall.
There are many stone walls made of hard plastic or paper with little irregularity, but this product has the feature that it can be bent quite freely.
The material is relatively soft and can be cut with scissors. Double-sided tape or rubber adhesive is recommended for bonding.

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