Finished Diorama Dome-shaped Layout "Light Service Station" Cars sold separately : O Model Workshop - painted and finished 1:150 size

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Finished Diorama Domed Layout "Countryside Scenery" : O Model Workshop Painted and ready to use N (1/150) size Approx. 1cm in height of a person

The diorama is available with or without a car, so please choose the one you prefer.
Diorama price 40,000 yen (excl. tax) Car price 25,000 yen (excl. tax) Both with clear dome

Size: Diameter 140mm Height 120mm
Layout information: Track diameter approx. 90mm Track width 6.5mm
About the car:Battery operated light rail diesel car Weathered to match the diorama. It uses a single LR44 battery and has a running time of 3-4 hours.

Note: This layout is N Narrow (track width 6.5mm), so please be careful.
Note: Please note that due to the tight curve radius, only two-axle vehicles with a short wheelbase can travel on this track.

A small petrol car comes whizzing by. It's time to take a break at the filling station. The petrol pump is covered in oil. A tired filling station. The departing car disappears behind the trees.
The scenery has a different atmosphere between the front and the back, between the petrol station and the grove of trees. There are also atmospheric weathering expressions on the rust on the tracks and the buildings/accessories.
This layout can be easily displayed by your desk, and the cars can be run at any time. The car is housed in a commercially available dome-shaped case, so there is no need to worry about dust.

Please note that this layout is N-Narrow (track width 6.5mm).
Please note that due to the narrow curve radius, only two-axle cars with short wheelbase can run on this layout.
There are two prices available, one with the special car and one with the diorama only.

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